Ancient Ristoro Le Colombaie

Stopping at the Antico Ristoro Le Colombaie means taking advantage of the flavors and colors that the each season can offer in one dish. Cuisine to tantalize your taste-buds, all linked to the surrounding territory, and prepared in a straightforward, easily understandable and yet detailed manner. Daniele understands the territory of Pisa very well. He knows the perfect moment to find produce and other ingredients. He knows who raises the animals and what the meat will be like once it arrives in his kitchen. His philosophy is simple: simplicity between the stoves, maintaining the organic properties of each ingredient with carefully measured cooking, culminating in the offering of each dish at the optimum level of authenticity and freshness. In the period of the “prized white truffle”, the area becomes a reference point for finding the precious tuber in its peak form, both in regards to its quality and its interpretations at the table.

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