Cooking the territory

A group dedicated to food and wine culture, devised for professionals who strive for excellence in the catering and agri-food industry. It is designed to create synergy, give life to common initiatives, offer comparisons between ways of cooking, philosophies, techniques and new ideas. A registered trademark gives even more body to this idea, for the setting of a simple but profound concept. That of the close link between territory, cuisine, food and seasonality.

Created by an insightful connoisseur of the food, wine and gastronomy sector, journalist Claudio Mollo, who has been working in this specialized field for 25 years.

The group started to take shape at a design level in 2013 and is currently in constant movement towards its next phase, the involvement of chefs, restaurateurs, producers, experts in the sector and accommodation facilities. The official website is about to be completed whereupon it will be possible to discover the components of this group, its rules, its prerogatives, its potential.


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